OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs Review

Looking to improve the air quality in your home? Look no further than the OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs. With its powerful 36W UVC bulbs and 6-foot power cord, this purifier is designed to effectively eliminate unwanted odors and harmful airborne particles. The LED indicator light ensures that the unit is functioning properly, giving you peace of mind. With easy installation and step-by-step instructions, you can have this air purifier up and running in no time. And with its high wattage and long bulb length, you can trust that it will provide optimal air purification. Don’t compromise on clean air – choose the OdorStop OS721 UV Air Purifier today.

OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs

Get your own OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs today.

Why Consider This Product?

If you’re looking for an effective solution to purify the air in your home or office, the OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs is definitely worth considering. This product combines the power of UV technology with a sleek and efficient design to deliver clean and fresh air. But what sets it apart from other air purifiers on the market? Let’s take a closer look.

UV air purifiers have been proven to effectively eliminate airborne pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, making them an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy indoor environment. The OdorStop OS721 stands out with its 72W UV bulbs, which generate powerful UV-C light at a wavelength of 254NM. According to scientific research, this wavelength is highly effective at destroying microorganisms and allergens, improving air quality and reducing the risk of respiratory infections.

To further enhance credibility, the OdorStop OS721 has obtained certifications and endorsements from reputable organizations. It is EPA Est. No. 94721-CHN-1 certified, guaranteeing that it has met rigorous standards for quality and performance. Numerous satisfied customers have also provided testimonials, praising the unit’s ability to eliminate odors and improve overall air freshness.

Features and Benefits

Sleek Design

The OdorStop OS721 boasts a sleek and modern design that will seamlessly blend into any living or working space. Its compact size allows for easy installation in various locations, ensuring that you can enjoy clean air without sacrificing aesthetics.

LED Indicator Light

The LED indicator light on the OdorStop OS721 provides a visual confirmation of proper operation. This feature gives you peace of mind, knowing that the air purifier is effectively working to purify the air.

Quick and Easy Installation

Installing the OdorStop OS721 is a breeze, thanks to its step-by-step instructions with clear pictures. In just a few minutes, you can have the unit up and running, providing you with clean and fresh air in no time.

High Wattage and Bulb Length

The effectiveness of a UV air purifier is directly related to the wattage and length of the UV bulbs. The OdorStop OS721’s 72W UV bulbs and 16-inch size ensure powerful and thorough air purification, making it highly effective in eliminating airborne pollutants and improving air quality.

OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs

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Product Quality

When it comes to air purifiers, quality is of utmost importance, and the OdorStop OS721 definitely delivers. It is manufactured with superior craftsmanship and high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The unit is designed to withstand continuous use, providing you with clean air for an extended period of time without compromising performance.

What It’s Used For

Improved Indoor Air Quality

The primary use of the OdorStop OS721 is to improve indoor air quality. With its powerful UV-C light, it effectively eliminates airborne pathogens, bacteria, and viruses, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and allergies. This makes it an ideal choice for homes, offices, hospitals, and other indoor spaces where clean air is essential.

Odor Elimination

If you’re dealing with unpleasant odors in your home or workplace, the OdorStop OS721 is your go-to solution. It effectively neutralizes and eliminates odors caused by smoke, pets, cooking, and other sources, leaving you with fresh and odor-free air.

Allergen Reduction

Allergy sufferers will greatly benefit from the OdorStop OS721’s ability to reduce allergens in the air. It efficiently captures and eliminates dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and other common allergens, providing relief and improving respiratory health.

Maintenance of Sterile Environments

For environments that require a high level of sterility, such as medical facilities or laboratories, the OdorStop OS721 is an excellent choice. Its powerful UV-C light destroys harmful microorganisms, ensuring a sterile and safe environment for patients and personnel.

OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs

Product Specifications

Specifications Details
Bulb Wattage 72W
Bulb Length 16 inches
Bulb Type UVC, 254NM
Voltage 120V
Power Cord Length 6 feet
Installation Depth More than 16 inches
Certification EPA Est. No. 94721-CHN-1
Indication Light LED indicator light

Who Needs This

The OdorStop OS721 is a versatile air purifier that can benefit a wide range of individuals and spaces. If you’re concerned about the quality of the air you breathe, whether at home or in the office, this product is perfect for you. It caters to those who want to improve indoor air quality, eliminate odors, reduce allergens, or maintain a sterile environment.

OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs

Pros and Cons


  • Highly effective in air purification with its powerful UV-C light
  • Easy and quick installation process
  • Sleek and modern design
  • LED indicator light for peace of mind
  • Certified by EPA Est. No. 94721-CHN-1


  • Requires ducts with more than 16 inches of depth for installation


Q: Can the OdorStop OS721 be used in small spaces? A: Yes, the compact size of the unit allows it to effectively purify the air in small spaces.

Q: How often do the bulbs need to be replaced? A: The UV bulbs in the OdorStop OS721 have a lifespan of approximately 9-12 months. However, it is recommended to replace them annually for optimal performance.

Q: Does the OdorStop OS721 generate any ozone? A: No, the OdorStop OS721 does not generate ozone as the UV-C light is contained within the unit.

OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the OdorStop OS721. They praise its ability to eliminate odors, improve air quality, and reduce allergens. Numerous customers also appreciate the easy installation process and the sleek design of the unit.

Overall Value

Considering the effectiveness, features, and benefits of the OdorStop OS721, it offers excellent value for your money. The combination of its high wattage UV bulbs, compact design, and user-friendly features make it a worthwhile investment for anyone seeking clean and fresh air.

Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To achieve the best results with your OdorStop OS721, follow these tips:

  1. Install the unit in the most central location possible to ensure optimal air circulation.
  2. Regularly clean and replace the filters to maintain the unit’s efficiency.
  3. Keep the unit powered on for continuous air purification.
  4. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for bulb replacement to ensure optimum performance.

Final Thoughts

Product Summary

The OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs is a top-notch solution for those seeking to improve their indoor air quality. With its powerful UV-C light, sleek design, and user-friendly features, it effectively eliminates odors, reduces allergens, and creates a healthier environment.

Final Recommendation

If you value clean and fresh air, the OdorStop OS721 is definitely worth investing in. Its proven effectiveness, certifications, and positive customer reviews make it a reliable and valuable air purifier for your home or office. Take control of your indoor air quality and enhance your overall well-being with the OdorStop OS721.

Learn more about the OdorStop OS721 72W UV Air Purifier with 16-in Bulbs here.

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